Bye Bye


Hey everyone. This was a bit of a different decision for me. But I have been away from blogging for a bit being as how I have been on my trip to England and Paris and I didn’t pick it right back after coming back. Therefore, I have made a decision to take a break from blogging at least until I am done with my summer job. My summer job tends to be a lot of time during the week especially. I am just in a transitional time and I need to be focused on other things like moving and my summer jobs. I hope that I pick this back up especially whenever I get back on more of a schedule.

Anyways, thanks for a fantastic few months. And I will see you again at some point.


18 Things I will not miss about living in a Residential Hall


I have enjoyed my time as a RA, but as Senior year closes I find that I am super excited to get out of the hall. Most of my friends made a transition to an apartment in their sophomore year, but I never got to experience that so after four years I am finally getting to. These are the things I won’t miss about living in a Res Hall.


2. The people who burn popcorn. Really people I can’t cook and I don’t burn popcorn.

3. Waiting for your shower to get hot.

4. Suddenly being in the shower and it gets cold.

5. The hall being overly hot.


6. The hall being overly cold.

7. Basically the hall never gets to be the right temperature.

8. Fighting for parking.

9. Fighting to find your ID to swipe into the building.

10. Getting locked out of your room and having to feel dumb to call the RA on duty. (Even RAs get locked out every once and awhile so don’t feel bad.)

11. People being loud in the halls at 3am.


12. People having sex right next to you.

13. People getting drunk and stumbling through the halls.

14. People knocking on your door at 3am.

15. Having to smell something that people are cooking that is nasty.

16. The tile floor always being cold when you wake up on your feet.

17. Random people talking to you (ok, I had to do this one though because of my job)

and lastly…

18. Having to have an on campus meal plan that you never use because you dislike the caf.


Book Drive for Tornado Victims


I am sure you either have heard of the tornados that swept through Arkansas, but if you haven’t, they happened this past Sunday and left many people without any personal belongings and/or a home.

One of my professors is helping organize a book drive for Faulkner and Van Buren Counties and I would like anyone that would like to help in any way to donate to this.



If you can’t help by organizing like me than simply donate. They need any help from children’s books to Young adult. For me this is a much needed cause because books for me are precious and I am not sure what I what do if I didn’t have my books. Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 12.06.04 AM


However, if you can help in organizing this drive, you are more than welcome to join.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 12.06.37 AM


If you have any question you can email me at and I can get you an answer or you can comment below.



Hey All of my Readers! I am happy to announce that I am going to be doing a giveaway! This is my first time, but I thought since the month of May is a big month for me since I am graduating and also turning 22, I decided that I would also reward one of my readers with a special gift of a $20 Amazon gift card!


I will send it electronically and you can use it for whatever you want to buy (personally I suggest books, but it’s your decision).

The giveaway will last from May 3, 2014 to May 24, 2014.

To enter to win, simply click here and then to the giveaway app to be entered.

Good luck to y’all!

My Hope for My Chapter


As the end of my senior year approaches, I realize that my sorority chapter has grown and changed through time. Not that change is bad, in fact I think it is much needed.


We needed leaders. We needed people to become more involved with the campus and community. We needed women who believed in us and could help us grow and better the chapter.

We needed all these things.

But with all these changes, I have something I never want to change. I want us to forever be accepting and “be the nice girls.” Nice is not bad and I don’t know where in the English language that it changed to a negative connotation. To me, nice is the girl that no matter who you are or what your past may be that you can respect them and accept them and like them for who they are.

I am going to be honest; I know I am not the sorority type. I am size 18. I am close to being classified as a midget. I do not have long flowing hair like the Disney princess. I do not like to wear makeup and I don’t wear it most days.

The reason I am telling you I am not a sorority girl is because my wish for my chapter is that even though I wasn’t a typical southern sorority girl, I was accepted for who I was and I hope my chapter always looks beyond appearances to see what they can find in the woman inside.

When I come back next year, 10 years later, or even 50 years later, I hope to find my chapter staying to true themselves and accepting women based off their character rather than appearances.

This is my hope for my chapter. I want y’all to succeed. I want y’all to become who you were all meant to be. I want you to be the women of character, friendship, and conduct that Tri Sigma taught us all to be.

Help Arkansas



I found this graphic off my friend’s Facebook and it could not be more accurate. Tonight we had a tornado in central Arkansas that has mainly made damages to the city of Mayflower and Vilonia. Mayflower has had a rough few years with the Oil Spill in 2013. And Vilonia suffered through a tornado in 2011 that wiped out the town practically.

While I was not personally affected, my former boss Ms. Nancy lost her home. She is a kind older lady who deserves to have a home and I planned on helping the community by giving can goods and money if I can.

I think it is for sure in this time that every does or gives something. We have to look out for our state and our people. Some ways to help are:

My Netflix Watch List


These are some of the items on my watch list that I hope at some point I will end up watching.


  • Breaking Bad- Everyone has told me how amazing it is so I hope I like it, but I watched a few minutes of it one time and it was odd.
  • Turbo- I am going to admit I wanted to see this in theaters because I am a sucker for kids movies. And it has a lightening fast snail in it. Cmon.
  • The Host- The only reason I have yet to watch this is because Stephanie Meyer wrote the book and I am not a Meyer fan.
  • The Boy in the Striped Pajamas- I am a crier and I am just preparing myself to watch this one.
  • Melissa and Joey- I know corny, but I watch Baby Daddy and it is pretty fun so maybe this will be the same humor.

I have so many others on my list, but I thought I might share these few. What’s on your watch list?

E-Reader or No?


Trust me I was against e-readers when they first came out. The whole point of a book was to hold it in your hand and flip the pages.


I got my kindle in like twelve grade after doing research on the kindle and nook, finding that I preferred the kindle. The one pictured above is the one I have. I only used it for traveling at the beginning because it was easier to carry this than five books that weighed 30 pounds together. Then it slowly progressed into what I do now, which is read books and then if I love the book than buy it to put on my bookshelf.

I still buy some books, but most of them I am buying because of them being older or they have a beautiful cover to eventually add to my library. Another reason I don’t buy as many books is because the only book store we have in town really is Hastings and while I sometimes like Hastings, it isn’t only a bookstore and I am not getting that bookstore feel.

Therefore, while I have been in college my kindle has been my companion in reading. My normal genre I read is romance, chick lit, and young adult fiction. Most of the time those stories are good, but I don’t find many of them to be bookshelf worthy.

Which leads me to my question, what makes certain books bookshelf worthy in your opinion? And which are the ones that stay on your e-reader?

Women to Follow on Twitter in the Literary Community


Since I am taking a literary citizenship class, I thought that I might give you a few good people that you should follow.


@wordamor– Stephanie Vanderslice- She is my my teacher for literary citizenship. She truly cares for the literary community. She tends to retweet a lot of articles that inform the community about literary happenings.

@FictionNotes– Darcy Pattison- Darcy is a great literary citizen because she has a blog that is constantly updated with information that is useful for writers.

@erikadreifus– Erika Dreifus- I just started following her, but I feel like she is a great lit citizen so far.

@iSmashFizzle– Ashley Ford- She is a great literary citizen that is constantly talking to her followers and engaging readers in her life and works.

@daycathy– Cathy Day- She is the teacher for Ball State Literary Citizenship class.

I am not trying to be sexist, but I mostly follow women because the genre I typically follow is women’s literature or Chick Lit. Not that these are chick lit writers, but these are also the one’s that are commonly on my feed.

What Sorority Life has Taught Me?


I found this article the other day on Total Sorority Move. It was the 58 things Greek Life has taught me. Of course, I always want to believe better for TSM or TFM, but I always get let down in the end because it always gets brought back to drinking, sleeping around, and partying. If you want to hurt your eyes, here is the article TSM posted.

My Greek Life experience was none of those. I have probably been to a total of 3 parties in my entire time of college. It is nothing against the fraternities, but I just don’t like parties to begin with. Secondly, I am a virgin. I am not bragging, but I am just saying just because you are in greek life, does not make you sleep around. And lastly, I do drink, but I believe most of my friends have only seen me drunk a total of 2 or 3 times. I am a responsible.

Below is a pic of my chapter and myself at our highway cleanup last week.

10246543_10152026733376860_7195797391436951594_n Which brings me to what I have learned from Greek Life:

  1. Be humble when running an organization. They elected you in for a reason, so help them let they expected you to when you were elected.
  2. Getting a big head over being a leader in an organization can only lead to the chapter disrespecting you for that big-head-ness.
  3. Encourage members who are not as active in the organization in order to help them get more involved through things like giving them tasks or projects to complete without micromanaging them.
  4. Don’t assign one person everything! It will lead to them being overloaded and overstressed.
  5. At the end of the day, some minor argue isn’t going to matter. Take a moment and think if this is worth the augment or fight.
  6. You get in what you put out in the organization. If you go to nothing, then you won’t get anything out of the organization basically.
  7. Not everyone in the world needs to know about the drama that is occurring, nor do they normally care. Truth be told, that drama or situation will be handled or confronted in a days time.
  8. Always try to get to know someone from every Greek organization. It is nice to have connections in college and afterwards.
  9. Don’t be fake. Normally people know your true feelings. You can be friendly and not be fake. So just don’t be fake!
  10. Don’t stereotype. While you might not like the organization, there is always going to be someone you like and have a common connect with.
  11. Rules in a sorority are meant to better you as a woman. They don’t have social media policies to be police. They are thinking of you later in life looking for a job, where employers might see you posting something inappropriate and fire you.
  12. Somehow you will get this urge to try to craft something if you are getting a little. Even if you aren’t great at crafting, I suggest trying to make something because in the end it comes from the heart.
  13. If you need help, turn to your sisters. You have a lot of women who are willing to listen and support you through the breakups, bad tests, and awful bosses.
  14. Represent your organization in your own way. Never conform to something you aren’t. You are you and amazing for a reason.

These mostly apply to sororities, but these are some general concepts I believe in and have learned over the years in an organization.